Recently a friend discovered this blog and said she was curious as to why I had The Blue Hour listed on my blogroll. Well, as with many on that list, I find what he does incredibly inspirational and beautiful. I don't remember how I found it, but so many others are constantly complimenting his work it's no surprise that I did. I also always liked that he wasn't a professional, but clearly just passionate about photography as a hobby. Anyway, she was asking because it turned out the author of TBH is one of her dearest friends. Small world ! When she and I were discussing his work she mentioned in passing he started with a project of a picture a day. I dug to the bottom of his blog (I felt a little bit like a stalker doing this) and found where he had posted about this. I really like the idea of this challenge. Not because I ever expect to be as talented as he is (if you look at his blog you'll see he was recently approached to do Starbucks ads) but because it's an attainable challenge, no matter your level of creativity and talent you're bound to improve, and what a neat way to tell the story of a year.

So I have begun ! (My fingers are really crossed that I don't flake out on this one). I started August first, and will upload as often as possible but certainly not everyday. You can visit my flickr page if your ever curious what my year is shaping up to be in snapshots :). Above are a few from my first 10 days.

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