Rise + Shine + Give God Your Glory ! Glory !

Guys. I start school next week. How crazy is that ? When I moved out of my last apartment in January I made a bold statement and threw out my alarm clock. Not because I didn't need an alarm this winter, but because it was so ugly I had to take a stand. Basta ! I said. And threw it in the trash. And now, for the last five months I've been setting my phone alarm. And now, for the last five months I have despised my wake up call. I liked waking up to NPR or 106.7 Lite FM thank you very much. Prior to that I enjoyed a nice Bugle and "a wakey wakey Camp Matoaka ! Eggs + Bakey !" over the loud speaker at summer camp, and a nice back rub from my mama at home. The buzzing or "antelope" as they misleadingly call it on my blackberry, I could do without. But alas, we're back to the age old problem :: Pretty radio or ipod alarms are, excuse my french, effing expensive. I love this one above from Horne, but at $199 ? I just can't (and that's on the cheaper end of nice radio alarms I've spied). Antelope it is for now... The search continues. Happy weekend ! x

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  1. I'm in a very similar boat, as the Bed Bath + Beyond "retro" plastic alarm clock that I've had since 8th grade is barely cutting it these days.

    I'm thinking of a Big Ben clock from LL Bean (in nickel finish, for about $40) because I don't like using my phone or having too much techno-sounds coming at me in the morning. Good luck!