It's The Little Things.

It's the big things I miss. I miss packing in as many friends as I could in a week and running into familiar faces on the street and in restaurants.

It's the little things that have thrilled me.
It's having room for a full ironing board, and not creating an obstacle course if I leave it up all night.
It's waking up and having morning sun stream in from all different angles.
It's becoming giddy every time I see that I still have an emtpy drawer in my kitchen. Just waiting for an organizational task.
It's having numerous windows to run around and close as summer rain starts to fall.
It's a UPS man that has a dog treat ready when he hops up the steps.
And it's being overwhelmed by the intoxicating smell of honeysuckles every few blocks.


  1. Lovely, as always Lizzy. Loved the cooking video's. Are you enjoying RI & RISD? I had a friend who was @ RISD and was expelled for pot...in 1967. It actually was in the NYT it was such a big story back then.

    We had a lovely dinner with Mom & Gordon, Mary & Ken and Allyn and me. You could have sent a Lizzy cake, you know... Peter

  2. loved those photos and that post liz! a full ironing board left out overnight is a beautiful thing! xo

  3. Beautiful Lizzy. I love the photos and of course, the thoughts behind them.xo

  4. This post is sort of like a deep breath...or at least a reminder to take a deep breath. :) Thanks.