Speaking of Bicycles ...

I don't post many weddings because there are so many places to look at them already. I couldn't help myself with this one though, after seeing it on Cup of Jo. I'm immersed in a world of weddings with friends right now, and for an event that you can spend so much money on and get so caught up in details (and don't get me wrong, I often encourage this spending, and detail obsessing) this couple proved a mantra I often repeat :: If you have good taste you don't need money.

This Greenpoint couple didn't have the money to spend, so after a park ceremony, they led their guests, on bicycles, to the bar where they had their first date. The Bride had jean shorts under her dress (how very Brooklyn of her), and they had whoopie pies, cake, and drinks at the bar. The photos are gorgeous. The taste level is as good as any million dollar wedding I've ever seen. And of course, most importantly, they + their guests look like their having the time of their lives -- something no $ amount is ever going to buy.

Hope everyone had an fantastic long kick off to Summer.

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  1. I think this is a brilliant idea...Bikes and Brooklyn and Whoopie pies... Dad : )