Me on Two Wheels ??

I have never, ever, pictured myself on a bike. I'm not coordinated, I'm not graceful, I'm likely to fall in the street for no particular reason. But in Providence Ill be living just far away enough from class, and parking is just hard enough that I've started daydreaming about bikes...

Extraordinary Paths Series - Albert Pereta from Share the Path on Vimeo.

And if you've never been inspired by the bicycle + your daily commute this video will help you get there right ? And while I've never loved the idea of myself cruising along, I love nothing more than seeing women in the city dressed head to toe for the day (New York style of course, not middle management), on a bike. It reminds me of living in Italy + sweet 80 year old Nonnas in fur coats and heels cruising down the street all months of the year.

I mean, The Sartorialist has a whole section on his blog dedicated to bikes. Clearly I'm not alone in this. I certainly wouldn't mind looking like her--I'm just scared we would need to insert a chin scrape and a ripped pant leg in my pictures... Anyway, I of course was sensible and started looking on Craigslist. And my sister said, "look on Craigslist !" And I said, "Duh, I am !" And the my internet search wandered because the only bike I can see myself on in my mind looks like these ::

[This friend is from a classic -- Schwinn]

[this beaut is from Bowery Lane Bicycles]

And I think we all know I have no business buying either one. So where does that leave a design obsessed girl that can't help but care what everything looks like ?? It's hard being me. And I think it leaves me bikeless for now. The search continues...

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