I Heart Details Week :: Interiors

You might not think of your home as a product, but I do. I view homes as not just one product but possibly two or three. We're always representing or selling ourselves on some level, right ? The way we dress, the things we display, the editing we do when speaking to one person or another. Whether we're trying to prove something, or if we end up showing that something is of non-importance to us, a message comes through. Then there is a the level of, if we're home owners, our house is a commodity that at some point we'll most likely choose to sell to someone else : a product. And lastly many people employ designers (to help them with my first reason), and with this, the house becomes a representation of the designer or architect and the product they have to offer.

Like with products on shelves, my favorite parts of houses aren't the huge sectionals or grandiose living rooms, its tiny well thought out details. I think this is why I've come to love shades of white so much -- simple lines and textures speak so much louder when there aren't deep or bright colors competing for attention. Above is an example :: My shower :). The bathrooms in this apartment have no patterns, no break in the walls (chair rails or breaks in tiles), and the floor is simple poured concrete. This floor to ceiling tiny square (walls + shower) of a muted green recycled glass allows details to speak. This repetition allows the imperfect grouting and ever so slight color variation in the glass to move and dance along the walls in a way that would never be visible or beautiful in a busier room. I love this "imperfect" detail. The other detail allowed to shine is the two simple shapes being the only present. The contrast of the circle fixtures is so profound and clean cut against all of it's neighboring squares. Fixtures I might otherwise not love, create a beautiful presence on this wall.

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