Fairy Princesses.

Before you met me I was a fairy princess.
I caught frogs, and called them prince, and made myself a queen.
Before you knew me I traveled round the world,
I slept in castles, and fell in love, because I was taught to dream.

I found mayonnaise bottles + poked holes on top to capture Tinkerbell.
And they were just fireflies to the untrained eyes,
But I could always tell.
Cause I believe in fairy tales
And dreamers' dreams
And bed sheet sails
And I believe in Peter Pan,
And miracles,
And anything I can to get by,

and fireflies...

These are the lyrics of " Fireflies " by Lori Mckenna, a song that was introduced to me when I was a junior in college. It was one of those songs (like many others) that struck me to the core. Partially for the melodic tune + vocals, but mostly for the lyrics. At that point I hadn't thought about mason jars of fireflies, something I loved on midsummer nights as I ran around barefoot in the cool grass at dusk in my youth, for years. They are such poignant lyrics about the innocence of a little girl, with the sad voice of an altered adult. At some point we all yearn for the days when building forts out of couches, Mud Pies out of a backyard puddle, or our dream castle complete with moat out of sand, is not only engaging and enthralling, but a pure joy in the giddiness of what our world's hold, and the possibility of anything.

I think the coo-coo-ness over this morning's wedding between Prince William + Kate Middleton is more than celebrity gossip. It's a chance for all women + girls to re-immerse themselves in a world of possibility + wonder. The awe some remember--watching beautiful Diana becoming a princess--returned, or for the first time watching an every day girl become a palace dweller, a crown wearer. A reminder that whether we want to be astronauts or president, the world is our oyster.

Last week a friend shared this email exchange with her mother about this morning, subject :: Royal Wedding

A's Mom :: Would you like to spend the night with us Thursday night and watch the Royal wedding with me early Friday morning before going to work?
A :: Yes I would love to! Sleepover!!
A's Mom :: Woo hoo! We watched the last one together too, but you were too young to remember! XXX000

Besides the fact that I adore this mother, it took me a bit to register why this email made my heart swell like it did. Eventually I was brought to LM's lyrics, and the innocence we all wish children could hold onto forever. For so many little girls it starts with princess sleeves, magic wands, tea parties, and frogs. I was so thrilled to see a glimpse of this in someone twice my age, I think we let go of the magic of it all far too easily.

Congratulations to William + Kate, and may their storybook tale remind women + girls everywhere to believe in Tinkerbell + Bed sheet sails. Have a fantastic weekend.

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