I Used To Think

That a lot of snow looked like this.

Now I know it looks like this.

Or this (that probe is 133 centimeters long !).

I used to think all kitchens looked some form of this.

Now I know they can also look like this.

I used to think I didn't like the cold or need to snow.
I used to think 30 degrees could never ever feel warm.
I used to think there were physical activities I wasn't strong enough to do (I mean, there definitely are some).
Or those that just didn't suit me.

It's when I'm not in my comfort zone, and rarely when I am, that I learn that a lot of the things I think are just easier, or safer, but quite often wrong and sheltered.

It is a beautiful sunny Saint Patrick's Day here in Manhattan. And while I'm elated at the sun + warmer temperatures, I'm so thankful that I've spent the last few weeks learning things about myself and the world in a very different environment than I'm accustomed to.

Happy Sunny Saint Patrick's Day.

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