Things I Liked about Valentine's day.

That I accidentally put on the correct color at 6 in the morning.

And that Teacake immediately wanted in on the photo shoot.

That I didn't need a hat or gloves to walk to the gym, and wanted to drink in the spring like air + never let it go.

That the sweet doorman at my Yoga studio was the very first person to wish me a happy Valentine's day.

That I got this unexpected + perfectly homemade Valentine in snail mail from a very sweet girl.

And that Teacake's + my half hour walk, turned into an hour and a half walk because Bleecker Street still looked like this at 5 pm.

And because it was so much fun to watch every man that passed hustle by with big bouquets of flowers, bunches of red heart balloons, pink ties, or their girlfriend's hand in theirs.

And because it was the perfect excuse to get a bright pink manicure. Even if it was the end of the day, and the cheesy tolerance was essentially over. sshhh....

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  1. It sounds like a near-perfect day. I'm glad you enjoyed it!