Thanks to the 18 inches of snow, my yoga class was a one-on-one yesterday. As I worked on lifting my toes in unison, shins on my upper arms, into Crow (I'm a beginner ! Cut me some slack !) my instructor could feel my hesitancy to drop my weight forward--fear of falling on my head. After putting a blanket where I might land I pushed a little bit more. I got my toes up. And then fell. I commented that it wasn't so bad falling on my head and she demonstrated Crow into Headstand. I let out a little squeal of excitement and she commented ::

" And a seeming accident, only leads us into another pose, as in life."

I love this, and I've gone over the visual and the words in my head many times since. Such a practical and visual application of "everything happens for a reason," "there is always a silver lining," "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" and so many more. While these vary slightly in meaning, we all, if we're smart, turn the seeming loss of balance in life into graceful headstands. Right now, mine needs the hip stabilization of an instructor, but I'll get there :).

Have a wonderful weekend ! xo


  1. Unbelievable. I had the same experience with crow the other day in class- and then eventually got it!! ...my body is doing things i never imagined it would. Not to mention what is happening to my heart.
    I'm so hooked.
    Which studio was this at? Soho or DUMBO?

  2. PS I'm having a really really hard time not turning my blog in to a yoga journal these days!! I keep wanting to post every little thing that I am learning. Maybe I will. But maybe some of it is better kept a little secret between me and myself? :) I'm giddy!!

  3. You're leaving me in the dust!

  4. Rachel, this was at Soho ! I've really only been going there because its so convenient. I feel badly because I love Dumbo too -- they are both great studios !

    And Katie -- please. That wasn't me in the headstand, it was my instructor :).

  5. I feel that all signs are pointing me back toward my yoga mat. Thank you for sharing. I know that my head will never get as close to my shin as shown on my DVD, but oh well. :)