Cookie Baking TIME.

Well, clearly my rolling pin isn't as pretty as the ones from yesterday, but it still does the trick. And the other night as I twittled my thumbs and pondered the fact I had lots of homework + the GREs in a week I thought to myself, what better time to bake cookies than.... right now ? (one word Whorf :: Braveheart). So I turned to my good baking friend Martha and her "cookie of the day." That particular day was cinnamon swirl, and I went with it. As soon as I started prepping to roll the dough out so I could sprinkle the filling in, I saw that my parchment paper anchors--my little sapling Christmas trees--were casting tree like shadows as I sprinkled snow like flour on the surface. I loved everything about this.


But I went on, to roll out, fill, roll up, slice, and bake. An obviously great use of my time.

These little friends were shipped off as a thank you (still not done thanking) and then given to a very hard working friend. She reported back that an officemate had come back 4 times, 4 times ! to ask for more. I think this means she has more cookies in her near future. Happy holiday baking everyone ! xo


  1. A girl after my own heart. Hey I watched that and Dancing with Wolves both epic movies both extremely long and look where it ended me - almost done with Medical School. You will do great! Love you so much. Cannot wait to see you in a few days. xo

  2. hahah. Biochem Final + Dances with Wolves = Dr. Whorf. Priceless. xoxo to you both. Ging

  3. hahahaha. Some things will never get old. Can't wait to see you BOTH this weekend. xo

  4. Woop woop! These look awesome!