Christmas in New York

I braced myself for the Hunter College 6 train station the other night at rush hour. But as I ducked under 68th street, the city already dark at 530 and so very cold, and made my way through the turn style and down the stairs, "Come All Ye Faithful" filled the platform. And a really beautiful version of it at that. I looked over my shoulder to find this pair with a bongo and saxophone--not your average combo in life, forget at Christmas, but these two hit the nail on the head. Maybe the prettiest "Come All Ye Faithful" I've ever heard. I gave them money for the performance, which as a standard I only do if I feel as though I would pay for a ticket to watch you perform. Only in New York do two Christmas street performers, not only make more wonderful music than most paid professionals, but manage to incorporate, oh, just about every holiday in their display. I mean, they got the right holiday on their heads, but we seem to be rocking a little 4th of July + Valentine's day... As well as some spring time park gear... It made me tap my feet on the platform and smile my whole ride home (probably creepy on a packed car). Only in New York kids...

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