Sunday morning I was running to yoga. Okay, maybe not a full on trot but a vigorous walk. It was 9:59 and class started at 10:00 (turns out, bad idea to show up this late. Word to the wise. I basically shared a mat with the poor man next to me. I don't think he knew he'd be spooned until I dropped my knees to the left for that nice spinal twist). As I rushed down Broadway this perfect leaf in its perfect shade of yellow, laid perfectly on the asphalt and I stopped. I stopped, knowing I had less than a minute to make it 3 blocks, into a building, through a fingerprint scanner, through a turnstile and into a classroom. I stopped. For a leaf. I stopped and actually took my phone out of my pocket to take a picture. Of a leaf. On a sidewalk.

I wish I had good reason behind this. But I just liked it. And I liked it enough that it stopped whatever life drama was running through my head at the time. Sometimes when I see these things I don't physically stop, but my mind stops and focuses in on it. I realized Sunday most things I share on here are moments like this of some form. Images that stop me, words that stop me, products that stop me. Moments carved out in my day because my eyes, ears, heart, responds.

This was an extremely long winded way (are you surprised ?) of saying, I might share some of these moments with less explanation. Just cause they stopped me, and maybe you'll like them too.


  1. I like them! I also like the irony of stressing out to get to yoga on time so that you will be less stressed. :)

  2. Haha. Thanks Tommy ! Definitely the very Americanized/New York version of Yoga I guess :)