Happy Thanksgiving.

right food, right place, right time. it is my belief...that this is the best recipe of all. a crab sandwich by the sea on a June afternoon; a slice of roast goose with applesauce and roast potatoes on Christmas day; hot sausages and a chunk of roast pumpkin on a frost-sparkling night in November. these are meals whose success relies not on the expertise of the cook but on the more basic premise that this is food of the moment – something eaten at a time when it is most appropriate, when the ingredients are at their peak of perfection, when the food, the cook and the time of year are at one with each other.”
- Nigel Slater, introduction to "The Kitchen Diaries : A year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater"

I hope everyone has the right food at the right place today--it's certainly the right time. Lots of love to everyone.

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