Spotted : The Perfect Fall Topper.

We've finally had a few days of perfect fall weather. Finally no more rain. We deserve this. I was checking San Francisco weather yesterday because I have to be out there for a hot second, and Accuweather used the word "abundant" to describe the copious amounts of sun that would accompany their 74 degree air. Has the word abundant ever been used to describe our sun ?? I mean, we've had some pretty sunny days and I don't ever recall that word.

Anyway -- I digress from a very simple statement. This fall topper caught my eye on lower 5th Avenue last night. I am in love, and usually do not shy away from asking who, where, how, but she was deep in conversation with green bag to her right, and moving at a good clip. So instead of asking I creepily took a picture. The classic quilt and navy makes it completely timeless and the empire seams are flattering and sweet. It looked like a Barbour quilt, but this is not a Barbour cut. You can wear jeans or a dress and look adorable with this on top. But I guess we'll never know where to find it. Sigh.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the quilted jacket and ALWAYS LOVE a
    green bag!! Haha GREAT FIND!! : )