Interiors Week :: Moments

I think the best proof of use of space is if you cant take small snapshots (even in your head) of a room, and have it tell a story. Of course before even that comes functionality. Is space used efficient and effectively. But that's sort of obvious. After that, can you break corners and settings up into little moments ? Moments that stand on their own ? I could write pages about each fragment above, and some aren't more than a foot or two in this home.

The play of the copper radiator and its interesting shapes against the color + pattern of the curtains as they brush against each other - heavy and light, curves and sharp lines. And the way the light spills over.

Or the simplicity of the one moose figurine on the sill. A "huge" white picket fence looming behind him, and the way his body plays with the sink faucet and paper towel holder.

The paper thin prayer flags, their many neutral colors and tattered edges that allow scenes of the street through their words, while matching perfectly with all that surrounds. (incidentally Telluride has something with prayer flags. They're everywhere. Literally).

And lastly the light streaming in onto this sweet window seat and antique lamp. That without being on, curves around to spotlight the table, whose legs curve around gracefully at the floor and play with the incoming light. All still close enough to the bed to draw its creamy iron into its shape game.

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