There are plenty of odds and ends I still need for my apartment, and lately its been bothering me that not everything has a home. A lot of people have been asking me questions about their homes + what they can do lately. Why me ? I'm not sure, but I figure I'll share pieces here and there that I'm gravitating towards. Either that I'm buying or are on my wish list. Maybe just because I'm priced out of them does not mean you are too :).

I have no side tables ! I want the folding table above for the left of my couch. It is $375, and from Haus Interior, here in NYC. The antlers are also theirs, and while I know they're a bit trendy I really like the idea of lining up three of them, off center, over my TV ( at $38 a piece ). And the third is as boring as can be, but I need more drawers in my life. Instead of trying to match any of my bedroom furniture (would end up be disastrous), I need to keep it clean and white -- this piece could sit next to the most modern dresser in the world, or an ornate antique thing, its that simple.

Also -- this is from Eater's Flickr pool this weekend. Can you believe it ? On the streets on NYC. Well it speaks volumes, let me tell you. the heat broke last night, and I have never been happier than on my walk with Teacake last night and this morning. Sneaky (but not entirely) makes the heat worth it. It's a whole new world out there. Happy Monday !

[images 1 + 2 courtesy of Haus Interior , image 3 of eater]

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