Lovely is Lovely.

I spent the weekend at an engagement party for a dear friend. A few weeks ago we visited the Lovely Bridal Shop here in New York. It is in a beautiful townhouse on West 4th Street, they have an amazing price point for beautiful dresses, the sales girl was as sweet as can be ( they weren't pushy sales or time wise, and we were allowed to take pictures ! ), and all of their little decor touches made the spaces darling and perfect. Like these sparkly shoes sitting on vintage luggage in the fire place. I could have sat there all day ! And should I admit that I tried on one of the dresses ? I swear, its a designer Ive always loved and I was envisioning it in a darker color for formal events. The bride-to-be made me. Honest.

If you're searching for a unique dress at a reasonable price point I highly suggest you check them out.

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