Summer Tones.

I've always had a love of grocery stores. I don't know why, or think I ever will. Maybe some of it has to do with childhood memories of shopping with my parents, or of my summer spent without air conditioning during a Boston heat wave with a house of 15 when aisle strolling became a social activity, or because this love is shared with my older sister and we will google and drive to any Whole Foods withing a 50 mile radius of us on road trips and vacations for their salad bar. Whatever it is, I love them. Studying the patrons, their carts, and the store organization feels like an anthropological activity. I go into my local Whole Foods more times a week than I care to share.

For a few weeks now I have wracked my brain as to why they would put glass bottles of juice in the entry way. A forced walk by is obviously a stores biggest chance to sell you on something. Juice, and heavy glass bottle pre-cart pickup, seemed like a terrible choice. Juice does not strike me as an impulse buy. And then one day, I was looking at how the light flitted (is that a word ?) around the cuts in the glass, and the rich mango tones faded into pinks and lemonades, and it dawned on me. Summer. Color. They were gorgeous. And they sparkled. Suddenly the simplest jar became the most brilliant product design I've seen in a while. Honest, I think our Santa Cruz Organic friends are oh so clever. Simple labels, light catching glass, and gorgeous colors. Perfect.

And some Popsicles from the new pop bar where you pick your pop, its dip, and a topping ! Also mouth watering summer colors. They look like they were cantaloupe and lemon, but I don't recall.

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