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That basil bloomed ? I did not, until I bought these beauties at Whole foods (and planted myself thank ya). This is "Dark Opal Basil" from a Cape Cod Organic Farm. I couldn't say no to this description, look, or smell ! They've been doing quite well on my sill, but its time to start distributing as gifts, as I leave to much in the summer to make sure they're never thirsty.

Don't you hate when you buy a forest of cut basil at the market for the two chopped tablespoons you need ? And then you carefully + properly store it in your fridge, promising yourself you'll make use of it, only to watch it wither away until its time to toss it in the garbage ? Today's email from Food + Wine gave two chef thrifty tips that I really enjoy. One is to used bruised fruit for "refreshing drinks" like this watermelon aqua fresca. Is there anything better ? And yet we never take the time. The second is to make your leftover herbs into pestos like this cilantro-chile version. This will keep WAY longer than your cilantro stalk, and is perfect for pasta, bruschetta, grilled fish... your options are endless.

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