Moon + Stars Watermelon, Yes Please !

Joanna Goddard featured these pretty recently, but I just love them so much I had to share. Aren't these Moon and Stars Watermelons gorgeous ?
I can't get them out of my mind, or stop being sad that I can't grow them in my apartment in NYC.
I even asked my mom if I could buy the seeds now, and plant them in oh.... I dont know.... 8 years ?
She said no.

I now have the Barefoot Shaman's Etsy Store bookmarked,
and if I could I would plant this rainbow chard,

these purple cauliflower,

and these purple carrots.
For now, I cant plant any of them though.
Maybe you can ?
I've perused his store so many times now (wipe the drool, and walk away Lizzy, not normal) that I think Ill buy the lavender and chamomile seeds to see if I can grow these sweet plants indoors. Plus, because of the spike this Shaman must be seeing in his online traffic (do Shamans use Google Analytics ?) all on my account means I owe him at least one sale.

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