The Met

I'm relieved. I thought all good taste was dead in Hollywood. The last number of award shows have been such a disappointment on the red carpet I was beginning to think there was no hope. Thank goodness for this years Met Gala. There were so many classic good looks being shown. Granted, most were not show stopping fashion, but most were tasteful and beautiful. Is it because they were in New York and felt held to a higher standard ?? I hope many tuck this taste in their carry-on back to the left coast.

Camille Belle is drop dead gorgeous in this red dress (in + with Jason Wu). Love.

I'm not so sure what is going on at Rachel Zoe's waist here, but excusing that, I adore the uniqueness of a yellow velvet, especially when her little stick frame can wear it well. I also think she did an incredible job pulling off this color + I love the unique necklace choice and saddle colored bag.

Anne Hathaway looks stunning. Love.

Gwen Stefani does pull off a bit more of a unique look here, and flawlessly at that. Love.
Kate Hudson is stunning in this nude color, and the dress is a perfect balance of elegance and sexy.
Claire's eye makeup is a bit harsh, and I don't know that the fabric is my favorite, but the sweet simple cut makes it elegant, and how cute are they together ?

Diane Kruger makes this very minimalist white cut a glamour gown, when most would look wrapped in a sheet. And I love her little punch of color in the bag. And of course again, how cute are they ?!

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