Judge It By It's Cover

I love reading a good book. But I also love stacking, color coding, and arranging a good book. Ever since I saw a casual collection of books ( well loved paperbacks etc ) divided by general color groups I was in love with the idea of books as art on your walls ( or floor or table ). Like this one ::

This mornings Remodelista featured a company that is here for your home (or business or yacht) library and nothing else. What a fun job to curate books of a certain topic / color / size / fabric.

Juniper Books Custom Collections is here for your library needs ( see their services here for specifics ). I love these shots of their work.
The top is my favorite (what I might request in my apartment) and the bottom reminds me so very much of my childhood home.
I'm starting an Interior Design program at Parson's Monday (just a short little summer stint), so the focus over here might become very visual ...

[Images 1,3,4 +5 courtesy of Juniper Books, Image 2 courtesy of Chris Cobb]

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