Interior Design

I am officially a student again ! It is so thrilling ( and scary ) to be sitting at a drafting table, and listening to three architects talk about what we will be learning over the next month. My wheels are already turning + turning over my first assignment. Today we spent the afternoon drawing at The Met. I get a big fat F for my blind contour, opposite hand drawings ( but I mean, left handed, no looking, only lines, really ?), and here is a picture from the roof. How cool is this bamboo installation ? The coolest part is that if you look closing at all the hatching, its done with climbing rope, and there are hippie climbers listening to Bob Marley, scrambling all over this thing to piece it together.

It is called "Big Babu :: You Can't, You Won't, and You Don't Stop. And these worker bee rock climbers in regular climbing gear are part of the installation. They will be there as long as the installation is moving and shaking up the structure. This is a site specific installation created by twin brothers Doug and Mike Starn, and according to the Met's information on the piece " Big Bambu suggests the complexity and energy of an ever-changing living organism. " Its here till the fall--Check it out for yourself !

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