Up in the Air.

I made it to the High Line for the first time this week. It was beautiful to walk along with a friend as the sun set over the Hudson. I loved how the grass grew over and around the old iron tracks, and I loved the beautiful wood of the walk / benches / chaise lounges. There were people everywhere chattering away--girls with sushi + wine picnics, couples at tables, friends taking pictures. It is everything that is good about New York. And for whatever odd reason it felt neat to be in a park that was higher than ground level. Why ? I have no idea. I guess the novelty of it. Above is the new Standard Hotel. The only Standard Hotel I've ever been to is in Lala land -- and that is just where I'm headed tomorrow ( LA, not the Standard ), where I get to see some of my nearest and dearest and the beautiful ocean. Can't wait. Catch you on the flip side.

And if you live in Manhattan and haven't made it to the High Line GO ! Its too short yes, but that's my only complaint. Happy ( early ) weekend !!

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