Pretty Ballerinas

Isn't that the best name for a ballet flat shop ? The word ballet used to be such a pretty word to me, but I wear ballet flats too often to hear it any more. Say it out loud -- it's great, right ? Anyway, I stumbled on this Lexington Avenue store online because Habitually Chic said she stopped in there on her birthday. Being the know-it-all that I am, the second I read ballet flat shop + Upper East Side I thought 'yawn--French Sole. Great, but been-there-done-that.' But I caught "Pretty Ballerina" and thought 'She's a grown woman... I don't think she's slapping this name on herself.' And low and behold, there is a ballet flats shop I don't know. Thrilling and disturbing at the same time.

When I found these patriotic beauties above I was so so delighted to be introduced. I think we all know by now that I love red, white + blue and I love flag paraphenalia. I like to pat myself on the back for being quite the patriotic little one, but as I wiped the drool from my chin after finding these...

I saw these ! Brazilian Flag ?? Yes please !! What's my allegiance to Brazil ? Nada. But who doesn't love a good flag ? And these colors ? Stars ? I might be a little harder pressed to put these on my feet as I would have to explain my Brazilian love and I'd feel like quite the (excuse the early 90s middle school phrase) poser. But it kept going ...
Argentinian flag ? Yes please again. Love the rising (setting ?) sun and the dusty orange with turquoise. Stripes are always a hit.

And even, yes, the German Flag ! And I don't even care for German things (Oops, did I just say that ? I'm sorry German friends, its just not a pretty language, I don't eat sausage, and I could do without the suspender suits. With all due respect of course ).

So I guess I don't get as much heartfelt flag waving credit as I'd like. But, at the end of the day you'd find me in my nations finest ... ballet flats. I heart them.

A well heeled lawyer friend who never wears flats told me she needed a pair the other day. After a quick look she got huffy and said she would deal with it later. I quietly persisted though (feeling like my Sunday wouldn't be complete if I didn't complete her quest). I gently nudged her in store to store and we found a great soft suede, elastic back, nude pair at Cole Haan (one point Lizzy).

Here is a list of go-to sources for ballet flats (heretofore to be known as pretty Ballerinas) ::
Cole Haan (new to me, but I had an instinct that we'd find a pair there!)
Repetto (will always be at the top of my list, but are pricey pups)
French Sole
J Crew (usually require blood sweat and tears, literally, to break in, but are a great selection, moderately priced, and great once broken in. I was recently given the hot tip to buy them a half size smaller than usual, take them to a shoe shop and have them stretch them as much as poss)
Tory Burch (never fail to look great, but the trusty Revas do often feel overplayed)
Gap (not a plethora of cuteness, but the occasional great cheap pair that I don't mind beating up on the mean streets)

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  1. My dogs are always barking after a long day of being in heels. Now, they look forward to slipping on the Cole Haans. Thanks mama!