Happy Friday !

Putting away my groceries recently, I did a double take after closing my " veggie " drawer. I opened him back up for a little laugh. Bad Lizzy / Good Lizzy ? People's fridges are funny. What does yours say about you ? Have a good weekend ! And I won't be here -- but feel free to come empty side A. Those have been weighing down my drawer for far too long.

** Healthy Banana Bread update :: I got two reviews. Nance said " great flavor but a little dry," Shannon said " better than the original ! " No review from Miss Kathryn yet. She had to track hers down at her freshman year mailbox ( oopsie ). Makes me wonder if Nance's mini was just less batter / had a worse seat in the oven ? I will definitely try replacing eggs. Perhaps replacing sugar with Agave would help since its a syrup ? If not, a combination of applesauce + coconut oil / grapeseed oil could do the trick. Yum !


  1. Yum i want to try - maybe i'll have to make it this weekend.

  2. Review: Dry?! Mom must have just had an overcooked batch. Mine was still scrumptious three days sitting in the freshman mail room. Case in point... I opened the package at 10:30... loaf is now gone. THANKS ;) I'll be your guinea pig any day.

  3. Buddy -- so glad to hear it. Im sticking with the changes and trying the others.

    Jods -- let me know how it turns out pls !!