J Crew to the rescue. Again.

They never fail me. Never since my younger years when they were only a catalog, through today when they are trying every concept in the retail/wholesale book. Selling Red Wings ? Barbour Jackets ? A Bridal line, a high-end women's boutique, a hispter men's shop, selling in Net-a-porter ?? It seems they have their hands in ever pot. To think I loved them even when it was boxy cotton sweaters and pleated khakis--J Crew has come a long way. My hat goes off to Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons. They have done fabulous things for this company maintaining their preppy appeal while adding city edge, class, and many sub "stores"--always looks seamless--never like they're spreading themselves too thin. So when I lost my belt to my J Crew wool Peacoat--an everyday wear once replaced, I was devastated, the item wasn't even on the site any more. However after one quick phone call and a little searching on their end, another belt is on its way to me. Can you believe it ? They don't even know what a good customer I am (may no one ever know) and here they are taking care of the little guy. So here is my J Crew tribute.

Its amazing to see their line evolve to include more trends. Here, the lingerie and pastel spring trends are incorporated into a beautiful top -- easy to wear for lots of bodies, not to sexy, but super feminine. And of course, classic enough that it can be worn for years. Yup, I have it in ivory, and I LOVE this color too.

Their bridal is hands down the most beautiful affordable dress line out there. And I'd venture to say I'd wear it over a lot of expensive dresses. I think this one is a knockout. At $795, almost a no-brainer for a beach bride.

Loving this watch with the band below. Loving and I dont need a watch. How cool is it though ? Why ? I'm not even sure !

And the bags... There are no words. Here is a recent fave. Again, in a spring dusty pastel. I love that it could be worn messenger and for years to come.
The luggage ? I would honestly take it over a LV trunk any day--not even factoring price (I mean, at $1,800.00 this is not cheap, but its all relative, right ?? And I know. I didn't even talk about the men's line. But the model on the top of the post ? Ill take him too.

All I know is not many operations can pull of a full line of preppy, wedding, high end, hipster, jewelry, retail, wholesale and private label--each added recently, with such style. They have made preppy women classier and just trendy enough, and preppy men a lot cooler without trying too hard. One of these days Ill be able to afford it all, or be working for them :). Not sure which will come first.

[all images courtesy of Jcrew.com]

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