Happy New Year !

I am back from Ecuador and saw so many things and met so many wonderful people its hard to know where to start. But here goes -- this is from a kitchen in a small mountain hostel I snuck into after they made us a very traditional lunch of a grain soup, chicken (one of the ones clucking around our feet) and rice. I like it just because the fruit itself is pretty cool, as is the grittiness of whatever has made it ooze down the wall. But I also like it because it feels a little symbolic of the country itself -- sweet wholesome goodness thats just a little rough around the edges.

*as a side note did you know that "snuck" is not a word ? I looked it up because it was showing up on my spell check and was baffled to find the proper past tense is sneaked. Snuck has become popularly used (if be that, misused), so I ran with it anyway.

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