Wrap Up Your Friends & Family

Come winter I'm a total scarf girl. There is a lot of reasoning behind it: I'm always cold, I try to cover up as much paleness as possible, and its another easy accessory to add a little personality to a plain sweater or winter coat. And because I love them, and because it connotes keeping a loved one warm and cozy, I love giving them as gifts. Here are three of my favorite brands:

I love Matta for the pom-poms and because they are so very soft. You can buy them here, or quite often Calypso has them in stock.

I have a phobia of wearing the same print too much because they're so recognizable. But I have a beige black & red Epice scarf that I rarely take off in winter. The print is very reminiscent of oh ski sweaters which I love. And I get compliments on it all the time. You can buy a few versions here.

And last but not least, my friend gave me a Virginia Johnson alligator scarf this past spring. I love love love hanging those little snappy friends around my neck. I am also loving the wool she is doing now. The prints are priceless -- sombreros, sharks, ducks and camels? Amazing.

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  1. I LOVE my matta :) So much so I think I need another one for winter. This one you posted looks amazing!