Sunday Suppers

This picture is taken by the lovely Karen Mordechai who started Sunday Suppers. It is a photo of the cauliflower relish Jen and I were gifted after participating in a hands on dinner lesson and delicious picnic several Sundays ago. I was so floored by the experience, concept, and exquisite taste displayed that I contacted Karen and let her know I would be interested in working with her. Now for the past few weeks I have been reverse commuting out to Williamsburg and collaborating on ideas with her and doing some of the writing for her blog. Last night was the first Sunday Suppers I participated in on the working end, and figured it was about time I shared it with you all. It is also perhaps why so many of my posts have been food oriented :). Definitely browse Karen's blog and check out her beautiful photography and yummy recipes. The dinner last night (which you can see the menu on today's post) was to die for. Literally--heaven embodied as the perfect fall meal.

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