Shopping Time.

Before Holiday shopping ever begins I like to seek out small designers and stores so that my gift receivers open something totally new to their eye (in fact I'm looking all year). I always feel lame when I buy gifts at JCrew, or Pottery Barn, when I know we are all inundated but that stuff every day. So today I'm sharing three favorites with you. I know I've shared the top two before because they are dear friends, but the Jewelry is a new addition to my radar, and L&H and Kage just keep getting better and better so I want to be doubly sure they're on your radar too. Above we have Linda and Harriet. Their products are some of my favorite gifts because they are beautiful quality, unique design, and well priced--so you get to show off your great taste without breaking the bank. Her calendar is to die for and this year each month tears off into a post card. How fantastic is that??? I cannot cannot wait to use mine ;). And the photo above is of redesigned floral pins. I have a lavender one that is automatic compliments when I wear it. And such a cheery little gift in a jewelry box don't you think??

Next we have Creations By Kage. I love love love her handbags. So much so that I own three. Sshhhhh--I know it sounds like a lot. But I have a very summery large bag, and a shoulder bag and clutch that work year round. I use them ALL the time. I'm not a major label girl when it comes to bags. To me, most scream--I spent a lot of money on this but it doesn't have that much personality. These, while not pennies, are cheaper than big labels, made of beautiful leather, and have total personality while remaining classic enough I'm not worried I won't be able to wear them next season. For yourself or as a gift they're a no-brainer.

And last but not least we have a new line to my eyes-- Anne Woodman. These awesome necklaces are large scale on your chest, but so delicate in terms of wrapping and wire, that it doesn't feel overdone in the least. Statement without drama. And so unique! Check out her rings, bracelets and earrings too. She has very interesting vintage and feather pieces. I love it all.

The best part of all three lines as holiday time gets busier and busier? You can buy them online, you don't have to be in NYC too. So check out all three sites-- L&H and Kage you can buy on their sites, Anne Woodman you can buy on Etsy. Happy gifting... and more to come on that subject.

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