One Home Many Hopes

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead

I'm helping organize a fundraiser that is to be held a week from Wednesday here in NYC. It is for a home in a small village outside of Mubasa, Kenya. It is home to over 30 girls and house-mothers who are there to care for them. Unlike a traditional orphanage OHMH is privately funded (hence the fundraiser) and has a dedicated focus on the children's education. The fundraiser this week is for a house being built for them, however it is OHMH's goal to also pay for each of their college educations. If you go on their site, or watch the video of the girls, I think you'll agree it's a worthy cause, and as Margeret Mead said--if a small group of individuals aren't the ones to help them, who will?

Truth be told, this is my first involvement with the organization. I know about as much as you do by reading the site. What I do know is that the individuals already involved are dedicated caring people. I also know I have wandered (figuratively) around NYC for a while now trying to decide how to be more "involved." I also know that when I was in South Africa almost two years ago I was deeply deeply moved by the youthful faces. I vowed to myself to go back in some helping capacity. Maybe not to the exact town or even country, but to contribute to these beautiful hopeful smiles somehow. Another confession is that since then I have spent countless hours on the Internet searching orphanages and traveling volunteer programs all over Africa and South America. I'm sure you're thinking--as I often do, that I'm all talk. All these hours spent staring at a computer screen could be energy going towards an effort here in New York City. For whatever reason, this pull has continued and when a friend told me about this organization I felt like opportunity had walked right up and sat in my lap. So my hope is what starts with a very small happy hour fundraiser, can lead to much more. I hope you agree and want to come check it out. If you're unable, or don't live in New York, you can still donate here. Their specific home, fundraising effort has a deadline that is fast approaching (less than a month). Any amount helps. Hope to see you all next Wednesday!

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