Its Beginning

Isn't it? I love knowing that when I return to Manhattan the streets will be lined with Christmas trees. Suddenly there are Scandinavians everywhere in sleeping bags with piercings ready to cut you a deal, and a tree trunk. Here is the first little piece of Christmas for my apartment. Have you ever seen a better looking tree?? There are more little treasures like this that I bought at Terrain at Styers, in Glen Mills, PA, but I'll share them later. Best place I've been in a long long time. I left with a dangerous amount of stuff, and I could have done much more damage. My mother practically dragged me away as I grabbed fistfuls (Not really the Christmas spirit, I know, but this stuff was too great to pass up). Happy Monday everyone! Hope travel back to your corner of the world was easy post-thanksgiving. Start dusting off your nutcrackers!

1 comment:

  1. Love that little Charlie B. tree!

    I think we're getting our tree this week - I can't wait!