So you're probably wondering why pudding pie? Well, its something I have an affinity for saying. It used to be that just little kids were such "puddin pies" but it grew from there. I don't know if its the alliteration or the actual content or what that makes me say it over cupcake or sweetheart or dear, but I love it. And if you're thinking to yourself, you haven't heard me say it? Well I think it a lot (like, 'wow that little boy in corduroys and wellies is SUCH a puddin pie'). And when I decided to blog again my first thought was, what's my theme and what's my name? Truth is, I never came up with much of a theme... All things creative? Lizzy's inner monolgue? What I do know is that be it fashion, food, floral or otherwise it will probably be something I find beautiful, wholesome, sweet. Mostly because we should live our lives surrounded by such things.

And hopefully if we surrround ourselves by what we love and what is good, well then life can be as sweet as... you guessed it; Puddin Pie.

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  1. I am busting. I love puddin' pie! Bring on the beautiful, the wholesome & the sweet! xoxo