2 Loves.

This photo (thank you contactmusic.com) embodies two loves of mine : Nate Berkus (it is a photo of him after all), and effortless style. I have loved Nate since I discovered him with the rest of America via Oprah many years ago. I love him for the obvious reasons; he is an extremely talented interior designer and he is as sweet as can be. I love him because he is cute as puddin' pie (and yes, but that I mean I wish he were straight), and because he dresses a perfect 10 all the time. Now, Im sure some of you are saying this is because he is NOT a heterosexual male, and yes, maybe that does give him an advantage. But just the same, there are plenty of gay men that can't dress themselves well out of a Ralph Lauren store (should not be difficult, ever). And what's most important about Nate's dressing is how effortless it looks. THIS my friends is the ultimate key, and wins the highest accolades in my book of style. Look perfect, but also look like you closed your eyes, reached into your closet, and pulled out what was closest.

This summer I was fortunate enough to SEE Nate with my very own two eyes at Laguardia Airport. I was waiting for a flight to Chi-town, and guess what--so was he! I was with a heterosexual male friend, so when I came zipping back to our seats at the gate to breathlessly exclaim the Nate Berkus and I had just scanned the same magazine rack, that he stood riiight behind me in the Hudson News line, AND that he had caved and snatched up Us weekly last minute :), my friend looked at me like I had 10 heads and said, "who is Nate Berkus?" He refused to concede that Nate Berkus could be any sort of celebrity personality if he was only famous through Oprah. We agreed to disagree, and I tried my hardest not to stare and to contain my glee when I saw he was on our flight.

But here is the most important part of this sighting, and the take away lesson. His outfit (which I remember so flawlessly because, yup, I wrote it down). He wore a faded neon orage fitted teeshirt accompaigned by very pale yellow jeans. On his feet where brown loafers -- sockless, and a pair of aviators pulling at the neck of his tee. In his hand was a huge Louis Vuitton travel bag, VERY broken in. Traveling perfection. Sigh.

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